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About Atron

About Atron

Atron was founded in 1999 by skilled people with experience in developing, manufacturing and selling Microwave products.

We develop, produce and sell LNB, BDC and LNA products of C, X, Ku and Ka-Band for the VSAT system.
With over 20 years of accumulated experience, we would like to introduce our LNB, BDC, LNA, etc. to the Global VSAT market.


  • 2011 ~

    • 2020 Development of Waveguide type BPF
    • 2019 Development of 5G Rejection C-Band LNB
    • 2016 Development of MATV LNB & Supply with kt skylife
    • 2015 Development of X-Band PLL LNB for Korea Military
  • 1999 ~ 2010

    • 2008 Development of C,X,Ku,Ka-Band LNA
    • 2007 Development of C,X,Ku,Ka-Band BDC
    • 2005 Development of C,X,Ku,Ka-Band PLL LNB
    • 2004 Development of C, Ku-Band PLDRO LNB for Satellite DMB in Korean Market
    • 2001 Approved of the ISO 9001 : 2000 by Korea Standards Association.
    • 2000 Approved of the R&D Center by Korea Industrial Technology Association.
    • 1999 Established Atron Co. Ltd.